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The UNESCO Danube Delta is the largest wetland of Europe and is home to thousands of animal and vegetation species, which are rare or missing in other parts of Europe. On this handcrafted private adventure, you will explore the Delta’s best and wildest scenes slowly, in an uncovered boat, you will watch countless species of breeding and migratory birds and enjoy a unique fish-based cuisine from the locals. Oh, and let’s not forget: admire spectacular sunrises and sunsets!

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Day 1   | 

Our tour begins with a walking tour of the Old Town and discover the 500-year old history of the city. We explore the highlights of Romania’s capital, including the second-largest building in the world, the Palace of Parliament. In the afternoon, we discover why Bucharest was formerly known as “little Paris” as we stroll through the narrow streets, eclectic neighborhoods and take a look at our very own Arc-de-Triomphe. We end the day in style by dining at an exquisite, golden-era restaurant.

Hotel Epoque

Meals: Breakfast

Day 2   | 

Macin Mountains

We set-off for Macin Mountains, the oldest ones in the country and a sanctuary of biodiversity representing half of the Romanian flora in only 0.05% of its surface. It is here that we find impressive habitats, unique in the world, like the Dobrogean beech forest. There are 181 species of birds, out of which 37 are strictly protected, such as the black vulture, black woodpecker, the European roller. Other examples include wheatears (common and isabelline), several species of larks, European turtle-dove, red-rumped swallow, rufous-tailed rock-thrush, shrikes, corn and ortolan buntings. The best way to notice birds is during a trekking trail towards one of the peaks of the mountains known also for its magnificent sunset view-point.

Pensiunea Valea Fagilor

Meals: Breakfast

Day 3   | 


Rise and shine as we get ready for a full-day on an uncovered boat – a small craft specifically designed for this environment, exploring the birdwatcher’s paradise that is the Delta. The routes include a large number of places with concentrations of birds, such as marshlands, salty sand islands, forest areas, lakes and special areas with places for feeding or roosting. Our first stop is Mila 23, an isolated fishermen village, for a traditional local lunch. We continue towards Letea forest, the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe and the oldest natural reservation in Romania, part of the World Heritage Site where we hope to see wild horses. On our way back, we take a different route, on other vegetation-filled canals, floating reed islands and lakes, slow-travelling to observe as much as possible.

Pensiunea Sharaiman

Meals: Breakfast

Day 4   | 

Danube Delta (St George Channel)

We get ready for an adventure on one of the main Danube branches, flowing into the Black Sea, the Saint George channel. Where the river meets the sea, a small village awaits to be explored, creating the best environment for you to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset.  This area is unique for its multicultural mix of Romanians, Turks, Tatars, Lipovans, Ukrainians and Greeks displayed in customs, monuments, language and gastronomy. We spend the night in Green Village, a secluded resort, located close to an isolated strip of pristine beach.

Green Village Resort

Meals: Breakfast

Day 5   | 


Another boat trip awaits as we get ready to see Sacalin Island, a protected ecological reserve, a true heaven for birdwatchers which is situated on the path of the most important migratory routes in the world, covering three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa. We will travel as slow as possible, not to disturb the birds and their nesting spots and to enjoy everything fully. Some of the largest flocks are pelicans, spoonbills, egrets, swans and geese. The main destination of our trip is Tuzla shipwreck, turned nowadays into a cormorant “hotel” as it is home to hundreds of them.  We return, carefully navigating the channels, taking in as much as possible this natural paradise.

Green Village Resort

Meals: Breakfast

Day 6   | 

Enisala and ancient colonies

Today we visit the largest fishing village in Romania, founded by Lipovans, the local population descending from Russians, with unique traditions and dances. The local cuisine is delicious with varieties of fish soup and other fish dishes. Accessible by boat from Jurilovca is Gura-Portitei, a pristine stretch of sand that separates the Black Sea from Golovita Lake and is known for its breathtaking beauty. Our tour will be a combination of boat, kayaks and bikes for an outstanding exploratory experience. The region is also popular for archaic citadels, remnants of the Greek colonies that settled here (Argamum) or Enisala, a 14th century fortress, part of the defensive system at the time.

Jumeirah Royal

Meals: Breakfast

Day 7   | 

Constanta and Bucharest

One of the most important historical cities in the country is Tomis, or as it is known today, Constanta. We take a walking tour through the old town and discover the complexity and diversity of an ancient port. The seaside offers astounding views as the whole seafront alley is lined with romantic buildings. All the destinations in this region are abundant in fauna and especially birds, so even if we find ourselves in the city, the sea still attracts a large number of them. In the evening we return to Bucharest. 

Meals: Breakfast

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Macin Mountains


Danube Delta


Enisala and ancient colonies

Constanta and Bucharest



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